More Owners ‘Putting Home Equity to Work’

With high prices in most markets, homeowners aren’t being shy about tapping into their new-found equity.

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Top 10 Threats to Real Estate in 2019

The Counselors of Real Estate reveals its 2018-2019 list of the biggest challenges facing the housing market.

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Rates Inch Up, Mortgage Applications Recede

All eyes are on the Fed today as it meets to vote on whether to raise its lending interest rate and how that could impact mortgage rates.

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Sotheby’s, Dow Jones Team for Luxury Magazine

The brokerage looks to connect with its luxury clientele via a magazine that speaks to their lifestyles and desires in homeownership.

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To Live in the City or Commute From 'Burbs?

Find out which option could be financially smartest in some of the largest markets.

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Show Clients Neighborhoods Using Social Media

As your clients search for their new homes, they’ll be exposed to new neighborhoods. Show them how to see what’s happening around those…

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Vacation Home Markets Haven't Yet Regained All Their Lost Value

Markets with the highest concentrations of vacation homes saw a more exaggerated bubble and bust cycle than the rest of the housing market Continue Reading →

Markets With Highest Share of Investment Homes

Which cities are attracting the most attention from investors? You may be surprised.

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Millennials Are the ‘Renovation Generation’

Young adults aren’t turned off by home improvement projects. They are more likely than any other generation to remodel their home and to…

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Bring Calm to the Chaos in Your Business

As the selling season continues to pick up, many agents find themselves busy and struggling to fit everything into their days. Although they’re grateful for the business, they worry that other important people and tasks are falling through the cracks. As a result, they may work long days in an effort to squeeze it all in and boost productivity, only to find themselves tired, frustrated and less productive. Here are some best practices for bringing calm to the chaos in your business…

  1. Prioritize
    When you have your priorities in place, you know where to spend your time. What are your priorities? On the business side, it could be to expand your database 25 percent or to surpass last year’s sales figures.

On the personal side, your priorities may be your children’s sports games or plays, a weekly lunch date with your spouse, a weekly morning meeting with a community group, or volunteering with a favorite organization. Your priorities are the things you don’t want to miss, no matter what. Pencil these in to your schedule before anything else.

  1. Organize
    Once your priorities are set, you can then organize everything else. Breaking the process into these four segments will allow you to regularly review your schedule so that you’re focusing on the things that are most important to you instead of becoming bogged down by less important tasks. This will help you become more productive, serve your clients better and honor your priorities.
  • Your year: Throughout the year, take out your calendar and pencil in your priorities—a family vacation, a long weekend, your children’s activities, industry workshops, client parties and other important days. Although nothing needs to be set in stone, including these things in your calendar will help you plan the rest of your year and ensure they don’t get overlooked.
  • Your month: Each month, review the priorities you’ve already accounted for on your annual calendar and add in other important activities that have come up since, such as workshops and seminars, holidays perfect for getting social with clients, etc.
  • Your week: At the beginning of the week, review what you have scheduled and include any important meetings, client lunches, etc.
  • Your day: In addition to making time for lead generation and your personal and business priorities, fill in the rest of your day accordingly. If you find yourself putting out a lot of fires, make time at the end of the day to handle all the unexpected challenges that arose during the day.
  1. Systemize
    A system will help you commit to both your priorities and your newly organized schedule. It provides a framework to follow so that you never have to wonder what you need to do each day to optimize your business. Over time, you’ll build the successful habits that are sure to cause your business to thrive. Remember to rely on a good CRM to help ensure you stick to the system and track your progress toward your goals.

Along the way, a is a valuable person to have in your corner as you try to calm the chaos. A good coach will provide an objective perspective on your business each step of the way; from helping you define your priorities to helping you organize your week. Additionally, they can help you pinpoint the aspects of your system that may prove the most beneficial to your business and help you achieve your goals within your desired timeframe. In short, a coach will help you reach your potential, optimize your productivity and build a thriving, successful business.

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